Fragments of Beauty

Typeface Works and Essays

  • <em>Memoir</em> ‘<em>sa</em>’ Sketches
    Memoirsa’ Sketches

Find on these pages many of my typeface creations over the last three decades, most of them presented rather informally by screenshots that have been made during design processes and a major number of them of unfinished or never published characters.

Those typefaces spread between my work for the fabulous Stamperia Valdonega di Martino Mardersteig, some are dedicated to fashion design which made me meet Luca Stoppini of Vogue Italy and finally others that belong to artistic researches on my own.

Some are paired with images that had a huge influence on my creative point of view. I do not own any rights on those pictures, They are presented here without any financial interest, merely for describing better what drove my work and how forms developed starting from a photo shoot of a wonderful woman.

Your opinions are welcome, so feel free to leave comments where you like!

Stefan Seifert